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1914191430.5 x 44.5 cm
A Club Dinner1914-1918 ~50 x 75 cm
A Corner In Books1914-1918 ~50.5 x 77 cmUnited States
A Message From Poland1914-1918 ~52 x 71 cmPoland
A.L.A. Camp Libraries1914-1918 ~38 x 51.5 cmUnited States
American Prisoners of War Cared for by the Red Cross1917-1918 ~35.5 x 53 cmUnited States
Americans All!191968 x 101 cmUnited States
And They Thought We Couldn't Fight1918 ~76.5 x 103 cmUnited States
Are You 100% American?191850 x 75.5 cmUnited States
Are You One of Us?1917141 x 88 cmUnited States
Aux Meres Aux Veuves1914-1918 ~29 x 44 cmFrance
Beat Germany191735.5 x 54.5 cmUnited States
Before Sunset191776 x 51 cmUnited States
Blood or Bread191753 x 73.5 cmUnited States
Books For Our Soldiers And Sailors1914-1918 ~35.5 x 28 cmUnited States
Books Wanted1917 ~71 x 106.5 cmUnited States
Boys! Serve Your Country1914-1918 ~27.5 x 18 cmUnited States
Britishers Enlist To-Day1914-1918 ~102 x 69 cm
Buy Bonds: Third Liberty Loan1914-1918 ~14 x 14 cmUnited States
Buy Liberty Bonds1918 ~50 x 75 cmUnited States
Cardinal Mercier1914-1918 ~52 x 71 cm
Caring for American Soldiers in England191835.5 x 53 cmUnited States
Clear The Way!!1917-1918 ~50 x 75 cmUnited States
Come On!191849 x 73 cmUnited States
Corn: The Food of the Nation191850 x 75.5 cmUnited States
Do Not Be Fooled by the Lies of the Enemy1914-1918 ~35.5 x 55.5 cmUnited States
Do The Jackies Want Books?1914-1918 ~25.5 x 38 cmUnited States
Eat More Eat Less1917 ~53 x 73 cm
En Champagne1914-1918 ~54 x 38 cmFrance
Feed a Fighter1914-1918 ~53.5 x 74 cm
Fight Or Buy Bonds: Third Liberty Loan191775.5 x 100 cmUnited States
Food Control is a War Measure1914-1918 ~64 x 97 cm
Food Will Win the War1918 ~50.5 x 76 cmUnited States
Food: Don't Waste It1914-1918 ~52.5 x 73 cm
For Every Fighter a Woman Worker1918 ~75.5 x 103 cm
For Home and Country191874.5 x 101 cm
For Victory Buy More Bonds1918140.5 x 87.5 cm
For Your Boy191849.5 x 75 cm
Going-Going-Gone!1918 ~78 x 106 cmUnited States
Good Bye Dad I'm Off To Fight For Old Glory191850 x 75.5 cm
Halt the Hun!1918 ~49.5 x 74 cm
Have YOU a Red Cross Service Flag?191853 x 71 cm
Have You Answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call?191870 x 74 cm
Help the Red Cross1914-1918 ~48 x 71 cm
Help Them Keep Your War Savings Pledge1914-1918 ~50 x 75.5 cmUnited States
Hey Fellows!191850.5 x 76 cm
His Home Over There1914-1918 ~69.5 x 102.5 cm
Hold Up Your End!191752 x 69.5 cm
Hun or Home?1918 ~50 x 75 cm
I Summon You to the Comradeship191851 x 70 cm
If You Can't Go Across With A Gun...191771.5 x 105 cm
If You Knew...1914-1918 ~52 x 69.5 cm
Invest1918 ~49 x 74 cm
Invitations to Homes and Entertainments1914-1918 ~50 x 75 cm
Is There a Red Cross Service Flag in Your Home?1917140 x 90.5 cm
It is a Remarkable Story1918 ~35.5 x 53 cmUnited States
Joan of Arc Saved France191850 x 75 cm
Keep Him Free191750 x 75 cm
Keep It Coming1918 ~53 x 73 cm
Keep the Home Garden Going191850 x 75.5 cm
Keep These Off The U.S.A.1917 ~73.5 x 100.5 cm
Keep this Hand of Mercy at its Work1914-1918 ~51.5 x 69 cm
Keep'em Smiling!191875.5 x 105.5 cm
Knowledge Wins1914-1918 ~48 x 71 cmUnited States
L'Italia191752.5 x 71 cm
l'Occupation Allemande en Belgique191554.5 x 43 cm
La Cruz Roja (Brazil)1914-1918 ~53.5 x 79 cmBrazil
La Cruz Roja (Dominican Republic)1914-1918 ~53.5 x 79 cmDominican Republic
La Cruz Roja (Ecuador)1914-1918 ~53.5 x 79 cmEcuador
La Cruz Roja (Peru)1914-1918 ~53.5 x 79 cmPeru
La Grande Guerre10/1/191441.5 x 28 cm
La Horde1914-1918 ~40 x 53 cm
Le Coeur de l'Amerique1914-1918 ~41 x 29.5 cmFrance
Le Kas Allemand1914-1918 ~42 x 28 cm
Le Vin Chaud1914-1918 ~79 x 120 cm
Lend Your Strength to the Red Triangle1914-1918 ~49.5 x 68 cm
Les Laches1914-1918 ~54 x 38 cm
Little Americans: Do Your Bit1917-1918 ~53.5 x 76 cmUnited States
Men Wanted for the Army191475.5 x 102.5 cm
Mobilisation Des Detenus Allemands (Juillet 1914)10/1/191445 x 31 cm
Motherless Fatherless Starving1914-1918 ~52 x 69 cm
Must Children Die and Mothers Plead in Vain?1917-1918 ~75 x 100 cm
My Daddy Bought Me a Government Bond191851 x 76 cm
My Soldier191769.5 x 102.5 cm
Naval Service of Canada1914-1918 ~107 x 70.5 cm
Oh Boy! That's the Girl!191876 x 102 cm
One of the Thousand Y.M.C.A. Girls in France1918107 x 71 cm
Ou l'Heroisme Redevient Femme1914-1918 ~26 x 37.5 cm
Our Daddy Is Fighting at the Front for You191776 x 51 cm
Over The Top For You1918 ~50.5 x 75.5 cmUnited States
Photograph of Marshal Ferdinand Foch1917-1918 ~40 x 52.5 cm
Pour La Belle Terre De France1914-1918 ~41.5 x 29 cmFrance
Printemps1914-1918 ~53.5 x 38 cm
Provide The Sinews Of War: Buy Liberty Bonds191853 x 51 cmUnited States
Refugees in the Street191550 x 40 cmFrance
Remember Belgium191850 x 75 cm
Remember! The Flag of Liberty Support It!1918 ~50 x 75.5 cm
Ring It Again (Second Liberty Loan)191776 x 51 cm
Ring It Again (Third Liberty Loan)1917 ~50 x 75.5 cm
Ring Me Again1914-1918 ~20 x 29 cm
Save and Serve the Cause of Freedom1914-1918 ~52.5 x 73 cm
Save Food and Defeat Frightfulness1918 ~141 x 92 cmUnited States
Save the Products of the Land1914-1918 ~50 x 75.5 cm
Save Your Child191871 x 97 cm
See Him Through191850 x 75 cm
Shall We Be More Tender with Our Dollars Than with the Lives of Our Sons?191776 x 51 cm
Share in the Victory191849.5 x 75.5 cm
Sir Don't Waste1917 ~53 x 73.5 cm
Songs of Today & Yesterday1914-1918 ~50 x 75 cm
Special War Libraries for our Fighting Men191865 x 52 cmUnited States
Sugar Means Ships1917 ~48.5 x 39.5 cmUnited States
Sure! We'll Finish the Job191866 x 96 cm
Ten Million Dollars a Year1914-1918 ~50 x 75.5 cm
That Liberty Shall Not Perish From The Earth191875 x 102.5 cm
The A.L.A. Library Reading Porch1914-1918 ~38 x 51.5 cmUnited States
The First Three1914-1918 ~52 x 70 cmUnited States
The Greatest Mother in the World191869.5 x 106 cm
The Greatest Mother in the World (Small Version)191852 x 70 cm
The Hun--His Mark--Blot It Out191870.5 x 105.5 cm
The President Says1914-1918 ~53 x 28 cm
The Roll Call A Masque of the Red Cross1914-1918 ~48 x 79.5 cm
They Are Giving All1918140 x 91 cm
They Fight For You1914-1918 ~71.5 x 104 cm
They Give Their Lives1914-1918 ~50 x 76 cm
They Kept The Sea Lanes Open191898 x 73.5 cm
Think What You Can Afford To Give...1914-1918 ~52 x 69.5 cm
This Is What God Gives Us1917 ~53 x 73.5 cm
To Make The World A Decent Place To Live In1918 ~141.5 x 91 cm
Universal Membership Week1914-1918 ~106 x 21.5 cm
Use More Potatoes1914-1918 ~52 x 70 cm
Vers l'Intervention1914-1918 ~54 x 38 cm
Victory is a Question of Stamina191753 x 72.5 cm
War Rages in France1914-1918 ~50.5 x 75.5 cm
We Need You191877 x 100 cm
Weapons For Liberty1917 ~50 x 75.5 cmUnited States
What are YOU Doing to Help?1914-1918 ~63 x 96 cmUnited States
What Can You Do?1914-1918 ~70 x 106 cm
While Someone Gives His Life...1914-1918 ~52 x 69.5 cm
Why Germany Wants Peace1918 ~52 x 77.5 cmUnited States
Why Loyal Americans are Keeping the Pledge1917-1919 ~50.5 x 75 cm
Will You Help the Women of France?1918140 x 92 cmUnited States
Women! Help America's Sons Win the War191776 x 51 cmUnited States
You Also Can Help Solve the Meat Problem1914-1918 ~39.5 x 54.5 cm
You Buy a Liberty Bond Lest I Perish191750 x 76 cm
Your Boy Your Red Cross and France191835.5 x 53 cm

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