Up housewives and at ‘em

DescriptionA brightly coloured salvage poster, illustrated by three determined-looking marching housewives, each from a different generation. An extract from Herbert Morrison's speech (August 1940), ˜Up housewives and at ˜em', is carried as a banner by the central figure. The women are being asked to increase the saving of their household scrap, particularly paper, metal and bones, which could be recycled to make armaments. A leaflet and poster campaign was targeted at residential areas where a large housewife readership could be assured. Advertiser's Weekly notes in September 1940 that a special poster featuring three housewives, probably this one, was produced for window displays.
Authorby Yates-Wilson
Link sourcehttp://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/theartofwar/prop/production_salvage/INF3_0219.htm