United we are strong United we will win

TitleUnited we are strong United we will win
DescriptionWWII patriotic poster published by Department of War Information in 1943 a copyright free image of artwork by Henry Koerner, artist. This public domain graphic art is a patriotic World War Two Poster origionally 28 x 20. The theme of a united alliance for victory was common and used frequently in war posters. This poster is a well-designed image of artillery barrels firing in unison with the identifying flags of the main allied countries, a flag graphic for each the United States, Great Britain, Soviet Russia, China, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, South Africa. As with Koerner's other poster, Save Waste Fats for Explosives, exploding energy effectively draws attention to the poster message.
Source linkhttp://www.crazywebsite.com/Free-Galleries-01/USA_Patriotic/pg-WWII_Posters_Vintage/Patriotic_World_War_2_Poster_US_Allies_3_jpg.htm