United Kingdom World War II

Freedom from fear1945by WhiteAllied unity
A West-end London street scene1945by Grace GoldenHomefront
British and Australian soldiers1944 >by GilesAllied unity
Australian and British soldiers1944 >by Carl GilesAllied unity
Freedom will prevail1944 >by Carl GilesAllied unity
Great Britain will pursue the war against Japan to the very end1944 >Author unknownThe fighting forces
A British cruiser ramming an Italian submarine1944 <by Marc StoneThe fighting forces
Ramming an Italian submarine1944 <Author unknownThe fighting forces
British coastal artillery1944 <by Terence CuneoThe fighting forces
Horsa gliders in tow1944by Roy NockoldsThe fighting forces
General Eisenhower1944TimPersonalities
Dig for Plenty1944by Le BonProduction
Patrolling in jungle swamp1944by Clive UpttonThe fighting forces
Walk short distances1944Le Witt & HimProduction
Unattended kettle1944Author unknownHomefront
Urgent call for blood1943 ~by W.S.B.Homefront
Lend a hand with the potato harvest1943 >by Eileen EvansProduction
Shine your torch downwards1943 <by Tom GentlemanHomefront
General Sir Bernard Montgomery1943Author unknown [R.D.?]Personalities
It doesn't matter1943by Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird)Homefront
British anti tank gun1943by Harold PymThe fighting forces
The firm (country) pays for it1943by Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird)Homefront
Libya: Help them finish the job1943by Marc StoneThe fighting forces
British troops in action in the western desert1943by Roy NockoldsThe fighting forces
Submarine conning tower1942 ~by Gilbert RumboldHomefront
Seductive siren1942 ~by WhitearHomefront
Home Salvage Corps1942 ~by Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird)Production
British Matilda tanks1942 >Author unknownThe fighting forces
Marshall Semyon Timoshenko1942 >by Marc StonePersonalities
Diving Squadron of Spitfires1942by Roy NockoldsThe fighting forces
Salvage poster1942by Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird)Production
Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases1942by Herbert Mayo BatemanHomefront
Mosquito aircraft conducting a precision low level bombing raid1942by C.E. TurnerThe fighting forces
Malay Regiment1942Author unknownAllied unity
Hawker Hurricane approaching an escort carrier1942by Roy NockoldsThe fighting forces
The life-line is firm thanks to the Merchant Navy1942by Charles WoodThe fighting forces
Daylight raid by Lancaster bombers1942by O'ConnellThe fighting forces
Ernest Bevin1942by Arthur BoughleyPersonalities
Marshal Josef Stalin1942TimPersonalities
Soviet Ski troops1942by Roy NockoldsAllied unity
King George VI1942TimPersonalities
HM The Queen1942TimPersonalities
American sailor and a Chinese Nationalist soldier1942Author unknownAllied unity
British Hawker Hurricane IIC1942Author unknownThe fighting forces
Royal West African Frontier Force1942Author unknownAllied unity
Grand Harbour, Malta under air attack1942by Rowland HilderAllied unity
Major General 'Boy' Browning1942Author unknownPersonalities
HRH Princess Elizabeth1942TimPersonalities
Franklin D. Roosevelt1941 ~Author unknownPersonalities
Road safety poster1941 ~by Pat KeelyHomefront
An anti-rumour cartoon1941 ~by Thomas DerrickHomefront
Marshall Josip Broz Tito1941 >by Marc StonePersonalities
Remember – they're relying on you1941 >by BreamProduction
Japanese troop convoy1941 >by Roy NockoldsThe fighting forces
Hawker Hurricane cradled in a human hand1941 >by Reginald MountProduction
Just a good afternoon's work!1941 >Author unknownProduction
Eleven smiling servicemen1941 >Author unknownAllied unity
Convoy of British merchant ships1941 >by BlakeThe fighting forces
Five male profiles1941 >by Reginald MountAllied unity
Breaking the Nazi swastika1941by Frank NewbouldProduction
Winston Churchill1941Author unknownPersonalities
Bristol Blenheims1941by James GardnerThe fighting forces
German Submarine U-5701941by W.KrogmanThe fighting forces
Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) girl1941by Abram GamesHomefront
Merchant ships loading in New York harbour1941by Leslie OliphantAllied unity
British Stirling heavy bombers1941by W. KrogmanThe fighting forces
Together1941by William LittleAllied unity
Private Scrap1940-1945by G. CullenProduction
We beat 'em before1940 ~by Pat KeelyHomefront
Smiling airman1940 ~by LittleThe fighting forces
Hitler with an ear stretched out to hear careless talk1940 ~Author unknownHomefront
Lookout in the blackout1940 ~by Pat KeelyHomefront
Zipp it!1940 >by RadcliffeHomefront
Battle of Britain1940by Oliphant LeslieThe fighting forces
Uniformed sailor and an airman1940by LittleThe fighting forces
Up housewives and at ‘em1940by Yates-WilsonProduction
Ahmad and Johnny1940by W Lindsay CableProduction
Back to the wall1940by IllingworthAllied unity
Pop-Eye the Sailor Man berates Talky1939-1946Author unknownHomefront
Careless talk costs lives1939-1946by ReevesHomefront
Grinning death's head1939-1945Author unknownHomefront
Technical drawing of a British aircraft carrier1939-1945Author unknownThe fighting forces
Young woman makes uniforms1939-1945Author unknownProduction
British soldiers, dressed in jungle fatigues1939-1945by Clive UpttonThe fighting forces
A tug towing a section of Mulberry harbour1939-1945by Rowland HilderThe fighting forces
Lysander Army Co-operation aircraft1939-1945Author unknownProduction
British rocket battery1939-1945Author unknownThe fighting forces
Convoy at sea1939-1945by Rowland HilderThe fighting forces
Three German air force officers1939-1945by Oliphant LeslieHomefront
Colonel Shultz1939-1945Author unknownHomefront
Anthony Eden1939-1945by Richard ZieglerPersonalities
Pop-Eye the Sailor Man gets tough with Talky1939-1945Author unknownHomefront
Pharmacist1939-1945by F. (Harold Forster)Production
British Manchester bomber defends itself1939-1945by W.KrogmanThe fighting forces
Back up the Fighting Forces1939-1945by MackinlayThe fighting forces
Railway terminus in London1939-1940by Grace GoldenHomefront
Motorcyclist carrying a signal boardDate unknownby Oliphant LeslieThe fighting forces
Guarding African skiesDate unknownAuthor unknownAllied unity
British fighter pilotDate unknownby F.MataniaThe fighting forces
Hurricane fighterDate unknownby Roy NockoldsThe fighting forces
A British General, holding binocularsDate unknownAuthor unknownThe fighting forces
Emergency surgical operationDate unknownAuthor unknownThe fighting forces
Sir Arthur HarrisDate unknownTimPersonalities
They can't get on without usDate unknownby DugdaleHomefront
African artillery in actionDate unknownby Roland DaviesAllied unity
Resistance HeadquartersDate unknownby Terence CuneoAllied unity
Night raidDate unknownAuthor unknownThe fighting forces
Unless we can divide these two fellows – we're sunk!Date unknownAuthor unknownAllied unity
Little gift from GrannieDate unknownby Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird)Production
Coded messagesDate unknownby Terence CuneoAllied unity
We beat 'em before. We'll beat 'em againDate unknownAuthor unknownHomefront
Preparation for an allied aircraft dropDate unknownAuthor unknownAllied unity
Parachute RegimentDate unknownby Leslie OliphantThe fighting forces
Dockside-unloading sceneDate Unknownby NunneyProduction
Land Army girlDate unknownby Laura KnightProduction
Japanese flying boats being destroyedDate unknownby Roy NockoldsThe fighting forces
Children should be evacuatedDate unknownby Dudley S CowesHomefront
ATS girls in gunnery control positionsDate unknownby Marc StoneHomefront
Gloucester GladiatorDate unknownby Oliphant LeslieThe fighting forces
Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS)Date unknownAuthor unknownHomefront
Rugged-looking soldiers descend by parachuteDate unknownby Leslie OliphantThe fighting forces
Sugar plantationDate unknownby NunneyProduction
Motorcycle reconnaissance troopsDate unknownby Roland DaviesThe fighting forces
London telephone exchangeDate unknownAuthor unknownHomefront
Night bombing raid on CologneDate unknownby W.KrogmanThe fighting forces
Workman's fist and forearmDate unknownAuthor unknownProduction
Brave nurseDate unknownAuthor unknownHomefront
Tap for victoryDate unknownby NunneyProduction
British Wellington bomberDate unknownby W.KrogmanThe fighting forces
Firing a 4.7 inch gunDate unknownby Leslie OliphantThe fighting forces
Warships sailing through the MediterraneanDate unknownby ForsterThe fighting forces
CommandoDate unknownby Abram GamesThe fighting forces
Amphibious assaultDate unknownAuthor unknownThe fighting forces
Volunteer housewifeDate unknownby ShowellHomefront
Keep mum - she's not so dumbDate unknownAuthor unknownHomefront
Two-man submarineDate unknownAuthor unknownThe fighting forces
The more information you keep under your hatDate unknownAuthor unknownHomefront
Rhodesian airmanDate unknownAuthor unknownAllied unity
British forces hauling guns up the Owen Stanley MountainsDate unknownby ForsterThe fighting forces
John BullDate unknownAuthor unknownHomefront
British Hurricanes and Soviet fighter planesDate unknownby JobsonThe fighting forces
Aren't you afraid, you stupid little wolfDate unknownAllied unity
British Brigadier directing a tank columnDate unknownAuthor unknownThe fighting forces
Sir Stafford CrippsDate unknownby Arthur BoughleyPersonalities
Twisted girders and smokeDate unknownby (F.) Harold ForsterProduction
Four industrial workersDate unknownAuthor unknownProduction

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