This man is your friend - Chinese

TitleThis man is your friend - Chinese
DescriptionChina, featuring a photo on this poster of a friendly looking Chinese soldier on this poster WWII patriotic posters published by the Office of Facts and Figures in 1942 a copyright free image of artwork from a series of small 10 x 7 world war II posters featuring photographs of friendly looking uniformed soldiers from the allied nations, the friendly looking soldier is from China. This public domain graphic art is a patriotic World War Two Poster with a photograph featuring a friendly looking Chinese soldier to help make some of our friendly war allies recognizable to the Americans at home in the United States. With American troops fighting on two fronts against the Axis Powers during World War II, the recognition and help of allies was essential. The United Nations theme in many WWII posters emphasized our close ties with Britain, Russia and China fighting side by side with them and other allied countries on the battlefronts.
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