Seductive siren

DescriptionA Careless talk poster, illustrated with a glamorous, seductive ˜siren' sat on a bar stool, with the slogan: ˜You forget but she remembers¦'. In this image, the ˜siren' makes eye contact with the viewer, often described in western culture as ˜bedroom eyes'. The colouring in the poster indicates that men will be drawn to this woman as a moth to a flame. Working along the same lines as INF 3/229, the image depicts a conventional glamour spy, in the style of the Mata Hari, who Advertiser's Weekly described as ˜as out of date as the aspidistra'. The idea of the prostitute as spy was common, with the need for ˜expendable intermediaries' to disguise dealings between spies and the secret service.
Authorby Whitear
Date1942 ~
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