Home Salvage Corps

DescriptionA salvage poster, with an appeal to join the ˜Home Salvage Corps', with cartoon figures of two women with munitions and scrap containers. Note that both the women are ˜Mrs' a ˜Miss' would have been conscripted. Fougasse used a combination of humour and white space effectively to get the message across that the salvage of scrap was important to the war effort, particularly the production of armaments. Fougasse notes the importance of ˜every scrap' statistics given in Advertiser's Weekly in February 1943 noted that a single chop bone, weighing 2oz, could supply two rounds of ammunition for RAF Hurricane guns.
Authorby Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird)
Date1942 ~
Link sourcehttp://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/theartofwar/prop/production_salvage/INF3_0220.htm